Commercial Solar Installations

I’m sure you’ve been wondering for a while whether it’s worth it to install a Solar PV system for your warehouse now that drastic cuts have been implemented to FIT.

Energy is one of the major cost for your business, every year suppliers are increasing prices of electricity and it’s difficult to know in advance how much the yearly percentage increase will be.

With a Solar PV system your business won’t be affected by the rise of energy costs and therefore it will be easier to plan your yearly budget ahead with an increased cash flow.

Commercial properties are usually well suited for Solar PV systems and have a ROI (Return on investment) period of 4 – 6 years.

Besides the clear monetary savings, installing a Solar PV system on your commercial property can also generate more income for your business since it will become an effective marketing tool to attract more customers.

People are becoming increasingly concerned with the impact of the fossil fuel energy sources on the environment and tend to choose companies who care about the planet over those who don’t.

SolarStucco has extensive experience working with businesses nationwide. Our commercial solar installation service includes:

  • Design and installations
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Panel level monitoring
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Safe DC voltage saving you money on insurance
  • System lifetime warranty

Despite recent cuts to the feed-in tariff, solar panels still offer a great payback, saving money, generating income and reducing your carbon footprint.

We have a special offer running until the end of July!

If you purchase a battery with the solar PV system you get a 10% discount!

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