Solar PV Battery Storage allows you to store excess solar power that you don’t use!

We install battery storage systems to existing solar installations across South East London and beyond.

solar pv battery storage

24/7 Solar Energy with Battery Storage

Store the excess solar power you produce during the day to use it later and to reduce the electricity you draw from the grid.

Battery Storage and Power Cuts

Some battery storage systems continue to store and provide electricity during power cuts, working as a standalone system.

Battery Storage and Feed in Tariff

Adding Battery Storage to your solar PV system does not affect the feed in tariff, and you continue to get paid the assumed 50% export amount.

Retro Fitting Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage can be added to your existing solar PV system, in most cases.

Solar PV Battery Storage Costs

Depending on the size of your existing system, cost is between £2400 to £4500 for a 4KW storage system.

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